Transformational Change with Katja Järveläinen

Last month we were delighted to catch up with Katja Järveläinen, Head of Customer Success at Gapps to discuss transformational change and commonly-faced challenges when moving to the cloud. Check it out!

Obstacles to the Cloud

Meeting with Katja to talk transformational challenges, we kick off our conversation with a discussion on the most commonly-faced obstacles when moving to the cloud, especially Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). According to Katja, one of the most frequent issues is breaking out of a culture which places preference on Microsoft and other outdated systems. Web users appreciate familiarity, which represents real obstacles around moving to new systems. “There’s a lot of myth and misinterpretation when it comes to cloud solutions. I can understand that fear, as a lot of customers have built vast infrastructure, meaning it would be quite bold to jump into something else. It comes with a lot of change management, and it’s easier to do this increment at times,” says Katja.

It is also highlighted that a degree of anxiety exists among IT professionals who have spent years building experience within systems such as Microsoft. However, as we point out, many are unaware of just how transferable many of these skills are. “We love working with people like this,” shares Katja, “as they can evolve themselves as potential Google experts in the future”. Indeed, Google has been working on fresh accreditations, creating clear and cohesive paths for these workers. “It’s not that you are losing something – it’s a new path and a new learning curve,” she continues, “and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in the Google world. Change in the only constant!”

Change Management

Moving onto the topic of change management, the Head of Customer Success suggests that people, procedures and processes must form the core elements of any digital transformation.“Everything surrounds people, and people are the core of everything. They are the assets we want to work more efficiently,” says Katja. Indeed, whilst the elements of technical change may be minor, organisational change may be major. “We are really challenging a lot of customers to understand the value of people and change management,” she continues.

Katja also suggests that Google allows great opportunities for IT professionals to truly differentiate themselves. However, upgrades in technology do not necessarily equate to total transformation: “With other systems, change can be more incremental. Sometimes, you can just end up locking-in and upgrading those license tiers. We need to think more about processes and people, helping those people work in a way which is smarter and happier.”

“We use a lot of transformational discovery labs. Just being able to sit down with people from different departments and get ideas of the challenges and issues they are facing. It also helps our account managers draw a timeline to identify priorities. It’s also great that it’s actually owned by the customer,” she adds.

Transforming Work with Happeo

Speaking with Katja, we hear many examples of how customers have experienced successful digital transformation journeys using Happeo: “I find that with the majority of our customers using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), after we added Happeo the adoption of all tools really increased. They complement each other so well. When people from different backgrounds aren’t used to these interfaces, Happeo really helps introduce people to those kind of platforms. You join channels relevant to you, and the search is clear.” 

We add that products like Happeo create a ‘single source of truth’, whilst bringing all of those essential organisational functions together. “In discovery labs, we don’t just concentrate on tools. We concentrate on what they want to achieve as a company. The tools come last, and we have found great strategic pursuits with different companies, watching them really resonate with different tools,” she concludes.

As a longstanding member of the Google Cloud Partner program, Damson Cloud specialise in bringing people and ideas together through new ways of working. We champion change management and digital transformation using some of the internet’s most trusted solutions, including Google Workspace, Happeo and Jamboard. To find out more about our services, check out our library of tutorial videos or our blog.

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