ActiveInbox Turns Gmail Into a Task Manager

tour_sidebar_tasksThese days we all have a lot of email to deal with on a daily basis and for many of us getting to inbox zero can be a huge challenge.  This is particularly prevalent for those of us using Gmail for our work.  When I think about email most of them, besides the junk, are tasks that either I need to get done or someone else has to do so I can move a task forward.

ActiveInbox adds an additional layer over Gmail to turn your inbox into a task manager.  You can turn emails into tasks and give them a due date.  All your tasks appear above your inbox in a task list.  Another cool feature is the ability to mark emails as waiting on, for example if you are waiting on a response from a customer.  Your tasks are automatically synced with your Google calendar give you access to them in your calendar and on your mobile device.

Damson Cloud are big fans of ActiveInbox and have partnered with Andy and his team to bring their technology to our own customers.  We recorded a webinar on Thursday the 28th at 10:00am, if you’d like to learn more about how ActiveInbox can help you get to inbox zero click the below to watch!

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Training Video