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damson cloud year in review 2020

Damson Cloud Year in Review 2020

2020, the year no one will forget!  This year presented personal and professional challenges for many people and organisations across the globe. The concept of

Pin Code Sharing in Google Drive

Pin Code Sharing in Google Drive

Have you ever wanted to share a Google folder or file with someone who doesn’t have a Google account? Google recently launched pin code sharing

google workspace announcement

Google Workspace Announcement

An update last month from Google has brought some significant changes to both the product, the brand, and the tiers that are available within Google

GoPro Hero9 Unboxed

The GoPro Hero9 Unboxing

With technology constantly evolving to meet our needs, GoPro has created cameras that are suitable for sporting and leisure activities, as well as traditional photography.

ASUS C436FA unboxed

The ASUS C436FA Unboxing

Damson Cloud has an appreciative and professional partnership with ASUS. Fintan Murphy has been given the opportunity to review their newest model of Chromebook –