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jamboard in google meet

Jamboard on Google Meet

With Google Meet improving its features with Q&A, polling, and breakout rooms, they have brought in a feature that customers have been waiting for –

6 Productivity Hacks for Gmail

6 Productivity Hacks for Gmail

Did you know that Google’s Gmail is the dominant online email service with 1.5 BILLION global active users?! If you are one of the 1.5

Remote Working Trends

Remote Working Trends

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced each and every one of us to make changes to our everyday lives, with thousands of businesses

Google Voice Devices

Access Google Voice from any Device!

This week, Fintan demos the main ways you can access your Google Voice number, picking out some awesome features that highlight the power of G Suite and Google Voice together.

Promoting a Video First Culture

The business world has become saturated with video conferencing tools, and this trend is set to continue as businesses adapt to the Covid-19 outbreak. A