Damson Cloud: Official partner of Google-backed ProsperWorks CRM

Ever been asked, “What’s in a name?” If you’re like us, you’ll usually just nod agreeably when this age-old axiom is invoked; unless, of course, the name in question conveys special meaning.

Recently we told you about the rebranding of Google’s stellar collection of productivity tools, from “Apps for Work” to “G Suite,” which is a fine and dandy new designation, but ultimately inconsequential to technology providers like Damson Cloud.

What is consequential, however, is the product Google just added to the G Suite roster. It’s a smart, easy-to-use, productivity-enhancing CRM solution called ProsperWorks, and for small- and medium-sized organizations, it’s a name well worth remembering.

ProsperWorks, as the moniker suggests, sets out to help businesses prosper, and succeeds by adhering to three basic principles: keeping things simple, displaying what’s most relevant to users’ workflows, and making those things easily actionable. So far, so good.

What’s in a CRM?

But is the sort of simplicity afforded by ProsperWorks ultimately in keeping with what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software should do? Google seems to think so. After all, it was specially designed for G Suite with a focus on streamlining the things a CRM does, namely:

  • Compile customer information across channels
  • Manage and analyze interactions with customers
  • Unify website, telephone, live chat, and social media data
  • Automate functions performed by marketing, sales, and contact-center personnel

There’s a slew of other high-level services which CRMs perform, and the alliance between G Suite and ProsperWorks may have been brought about by the fact that, somewhere along the way, CRMs became really hard to work with for both users and administrators.

Google must have read the ProsperWorks website where it claims their product is “simple, intuitive and requires no training,” then wondered if a CRM could fit together with Gmail, Docs and Sheets, Google+, and Hangouts.

What really makes ProsperWorks special?

It turns out, a user-friendly CRM does fit together with G Suite’s set of intelligent apps for emailing, creating, calculating, collaborating, and connecting. Quite nicely, in fact.

ProsperWorks is special in a few exciting ways, claiming to be “a CRM teams actually love to use” while providing business users with the following functionalities:

  • Automatic linkage of your relevant Gmails, attachments, calendar events, documents, and spreadsheets to your ProsperWorks contacts list — via “Zero-touch”
  • A simple Google Chrome plug-in to help you identify, track, and follow up on all your sales contacts and new leads, all from the comfort of your Gmail inbox
  • “Intelligent” recommendations of contacts to be added from your G Suite communication tools to the CRM piece, ensuring nothing important slips through the cracks
  • A Google Sheets add-on that connects ProsperWorks data to your G Suite spreadsheets so you can create customized, easy-to-share reports, charts, and graphs
  • Two-way syncing between your ProsperWorks and G Suite contacts so whoever is stored in the former can also be found in the latter — using a sweet little feature named PieSync

And we haven’t even brought up ProsperWorks’ bona fide, stand alone CRM functions like sales automation, forecasting, pipeline management, trends reporting, data analytics, and so on.

What’s all this about the cloud?

Google apparently recognized in ProsperWorks a tool that does everything a CRM should — only more efficiently than usual — and determined it was a good match for what G Suite is all about: a diverse, on-demand, internet-based platform that ties everything together so busy professionals can cooperate, communicate, and collaborate conveniently.

ProsperWorks and G Suite definitely “fit together” in the sense that they’re highly compatible in terms of business productivity; and, from an IT perspective, they integrate seamlessly. By taking advantage of one of cloud computing’s greatest virtues — the ability for multiple application programs to share data in real-time from one centralized location — ProsperWorks and G Suite coalesce freely.

The takeaway is that a ProsperWorks integration can help you automate time-consuming tasks, eliminate tedious inter-system data entry, enhance workflow efficiencies, improve collaboration during the sales process, and, according to its website’s testimonials, “provide complete transparency” so you know your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

ProsperWorks is the name in question, and it’s one that Damson Cloud is proud to have as an official partner. So, if you’d like more information on how this robust CRM can become part of your Google Cloud arsenal, give us a call. That name, “ProsperWorks,” may end up conveying special meaning to your business, too.

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