Google Apps Has Just Launched a New Learning Centre

Google’s novel learning centre covers just about every aspect of their cloud productivity suite that you might need to know about. The learning centre is not just for out-and-out beginners, however. There is something that almost everyone could learn from. Along with a handy ‘Tips Library’, there are also sections on individual products and a ‘Use at Work’ page. If you are just familiar with just one or two of their products such as Gmail or Google Drive, then the learning centre is a good place to discover how much more their suite can offer you. Indeed, it is the degree to which these applications integrate with one another that will be the surprising factor for many who will use the site.

The Quick Start Guide

Google Apps novices should start with their handy start guide. Here, your hand is held as you are guided through the basics. Visually, each step of the tutorial is numbered in a line, which allows you to keep tabs on your progress. Step one is as simple as describing how to sign into your Google Apps account, and progresses to things like sending emails and scheduling events. This is the place for beginners with mobile computing, but it is probably not necessary for anyone who has already used cloud services before.


Google have set their learning centre up to make clear how e-communications can be improved with their systems. It has sections which describe how to read or compose emails, for example. It then discusses more advanced email skills, such as how to organise emails within an inbox. If you need to create signatures or find a missing email, then the learning centre will help. It also has a handy button which helps you make the switch to Gmail from Outlook or IBM Notes.

With an eye on the visual communications market, Google also use the learning centre to promote their Hangouts app. With this service, chats and video calls are simple to get up and running, and the learning centre tells you everything you need to get going. Hangouts also has a conversion tool which makes switching from Skype child’s play.

Among the communications tutorials available is another one worth mentioning. Their integrated calendar tutorial helps users who want more from this most useful of Google solutions. For example, it shows you how to add event reminders, so that you never miss an appointment, or how to customise your calendar so that colleagues can see certain events.

Overcoming Problems

Finding out how to do new things with Google Apps is great, but another advantage of the learning centre is that it helps you solve problems. Need to learn how to undo a sent email? The tips library is the place to turn for an answer. The library is full of tips like this, whether you want to discover how to broadcast webinars to multiple recipients across the globe or to keep draft documents held securely on Google Drive, which means you can make alterations and then revert to the originals later if you need to. The tips section also offers good advice on how to detect when another user has altered a spreadsheet, or how to track other people’s shared calendars.

Use At Work

The learning centre boasts further sections for users to discover how Google Apps can help in the workplace. There are specific sections for certain industry sectors, among them retail and healthcare. If you want to learn by job role, rather than industry sector, then that is possible too. Finally, there is a section where new ideas can be submitted. If you have an idea as to how to improve an app, then this is the place for you to tell Google and maybe help other business people like yourself get even more from the tech giant’s online offerings.

You can accessing the new learning centre here. If you want to learn how you can leverage Google Apps for Work in your business, talk to the experts at Damson Cloud. We can help your organisation evaluate and implement a successful transition to Google Apps for Work.
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