Google Introduces a New Recruiting App for G Suite

Since 2006, G Suite has been helping businesses of all sizes improve their collaboration efforts, boost productivity, and migrate to much more scalable cloud computing infrastructures. Last month, Google introduced another useful tool tailored towards helping small- and medium-sized businesses optimise their recruitment strategies. Google Hire is aimed at making it easier for businesses to attract the best talent and streamline the recruitment process.

Manage Job Postings within G Suite

Until now, G Suite users have been making do with a combination of Gmail and Calendar to manage and schedule job interviews. Hire simplifies that process by allowing human resources teams to receive application forms and manage job interviews and postings all within the familiar G Suite environment. Thanks to its complete integration with G Suite, the new Hire app synchronises all recruitment-related communications with Gmail.

Integration with Calendar also makes it easier for users to schedule job interviews because they’re able to view all communications between relevant parties without leaving the page. Hire even works with Google Sheets to help capture, analyse and visualise feedback from any number of interviewers, and it works with other G Suite tools like Hangouts which allows recruitment teams to view applicant data in real-time.

A Centralised Recruitment Hub

Google’s ultimate goal with G Suite is to have a constantly evolving cloud-based ecosystem that businesses can use for virtually all their everyday computing routines. Hire helps users identify the best candidates and cut down the time it takes to make hires, and being a fully scalable system, businesses can maintain a database of any number of potential candidates for any number of job placements. The following are some of its most useful capabilities:

  • Easily share applicant information with all applicable parties
  • Communicate directly with candidates over Gmail and Hangouts
  • Discuss hiring decisions over a centralised feedback hub
  • Schedule interviews and add notes to invitations
  • Visualise candidate data
  • Synchronise data across the G Suite platform
  • Track the entire hiring process

Hire is designed to save time and allow human resources teams to get straight to work with minimal need for in-depth training. The intuitive user interface blends in perfectly with the G Suite environment, providing a familiar working space for users, instead of having to use standalone recruitment apps that tend to contain loads of extra features that smaller businesses will likely never use.

The integration of Google Hire with G Suite follows the introduction of Google for Jobs back in May. The app is now available to all businesses in the US with fewer than 1,000 employees, and should be rolled out in the UK and other countries over the next few months. By filling out the form on the Hire website, Google will let you know as soon as the app becomes available in your region.

If you’re looking to grow your business with Google’s ever-expanding set of business tools, contact us today to find out how we can help build an easy path to cloud success.

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