Meetings Transformed: Huddly and ASUS Demo at the Google Cloud Summit

In the latest blog from Damson Cloud, we catch up with Huddly’s Runar Ytrehus to discuss the latest Huddly cameras for Hangout Meets, as well as the Huddly IQ camera for Jamboard. We are also lucky to check in with ASUS’s Kieran Vora, who gives us an exclusive walkthrough on some neat Hangout Meets hardware. Check it out! 

Huddly IQ for Jamboard Kit

At the annual Google Summit in Stockholm, we got a quiet moment to chat with Runar Ytrehus from Huddly to talk about the company’s freshly-released, AI-focused cameras, which we at Damson Cloud are particularly excited about. Incorporating artificial intelligence technology has created a truly innovative product, with cameras offering 150-degree fields of view and crisp, colourful 1080p resolution. We saw the tech running via ASUS’ Hangout Meets Kit, with a small room kit featuring a built in Huddly camera.

Shipping from October 15th, the Huddly IQ is an intelligent, wide-angled, AI-powered camera. The AI chip is a gamechanger, automatically framing and counting individuals in the room as well as offering a huge raft of people analytics features. We saw a specially-designed Jamboard mounting bracket, which comes included with the camera as part of a full kit. To find out more about the packages and bundles on offer, check out

Hangouts Meet Kit – ASUS

We then caught up with Kieran Vora from ASUS, who treated us to an inside walkthrough of the new ASUS Hangout Meets hardware, which currently comes in two bundles. The standard bundle comes equipped with a Huddly Go webcam, which offers a spectacular field of vision capable of capturing up to eight individuals at any one time. Included with this bundle is the Hangout Meets speaker-mic, which comes specially designed from the expert engineers at Google.

The offering of features is nearly endless, coming loaded with a raft of echo and noise cancellation features: perfect for meetings in rooms of any size. Notably, the speaker-mics are capable of being daisy-chained together for larger settings and events. Kieran says that with this feature, “everyone can be heard, and everyone can hear”. We also greatly appreciated the 10-inch control panel, allowing users full control over every aspect of the meeting; including accepting, kicking and muting participants, changing settings and allowing others to join meetings at one touch. The control panels overs a HDMI port, allowing you to present to the room. Last but not least is the awesome Chromebox, which forms the heart of the Hangout Meets hardware bundle, which supports a breathtaking 250 participants.

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