Your Office in the Cloud – Seminar Laois


The cloud is everywhere these days.  We all use the cloud almost every day whether we realise it or not.  From Facebook to Twitter to online banking and your favorite iPhone apps. They all connect and benefit from the cloud in some way.

The question is should your business be doing the same and what would be the benefits?

During our seminar Your Office in the Cloud, in partnership with Laois Local Enterprise Office, we attempted to answer this question.  We covered everything you do in your business email, phone calls, managing accounts, managing customers, creating proposals, creating presentations, sending documents and much more.  All of these critical tasks can now run on business apps in the cloud and if you are not utilising them then you are losing out on either time or money.

Running our business in the cloud saved our organisation money, time and increased our ability to service our customers more effectively.  We reduced travel costs with video conferencing.  Removed the need for expensive servers with cloud email.  Made working together with customers and suppliers easier with online document sharing and made managing our business easier with online accounts, accessible from any computer or smartphone.  Small businesses now have access to the technology that was once the privilege of large corporates.  If you want to accelerate your business growth, reduce costs and get an edge over your competitors then it’s time to move your business to the cloud!


  • Introduction to the leading cloud platforms
  • Cloud platforms: Google Versus Microsoft
  • Case studies of business leveraging the cloud
  • Business Apps that run in the cloud
    • Accountancy
    • Email solutions
    • CRM
    • Project/Task Management
    • Video Conferencing
    • Collaboration, file sharing and BACKING UP YOUR DATA
  • Building a Cloud Roadmap for your business


Training Video